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Tell me your problem.

I’ll give you $10 if I can’t solve it.

THE wongSEEFUU Says…

I’ll be frank. When someone asks me, “Bro, what you do?”, the answer can sometimes be difficult to articulate.

I love solving problems.

I have very broad experience that is very valuable to my clients.

As such, I can come up with unique solutions that you might not think of.

I am the Swiss Army knife that every business owner needs to have.

I do many things across many different industries. That being said, there is one single thing that drives it all – I love problems. 

This innate drive to solve problems has led me down a diverse and exciting path. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a breadth of experiences that continues to expand. These experiences have become my greatest asset, and they hold tremendous value for my clients.

But that’s not all. My unique approach to life has also led me to embark on various entrepreneurial ventures. At the heart of it all is a vision to create an end-to-end business solution. Think of me as the Swiss Army knife every business owner needs to have in their pocket. When I step in, I take the time to understand the intricacies of your challenges, and then, I get to work crafting innovative solutions that you might not have ever considered. It’s all thanks to the richness of my experiences.

Let me give you a glimpse of some of the exciting projects we're currently involved in:
Digital Estate - We Digitise Your Business Assets

We help SMEs build digital assets so that they can scale their business more efficiently. Here’s what we do:

    • Website Design
    • Webapp Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Video Production
    • Social Media Management
    • Digital Ads buying

Website: digitalestate.studio

email: godigital@digitalestate.studio

Contact: +65 9104 6010

Rightside People - Our People Powering Your People

We help SMEs solve their people problems so that they can run a business that has consistent high quality low staff turnover. Here’s what we do:

    • Manpower Provision
    • Internship Training and Placement
    • Events
    • Corporate Education
    • Administrative Support

Website: rightsidepeople.com

email: gethired@rightsidepeople.com

Contact: +65 9696 5496

TCM Living Waters - We Heal & Give Peace

We help individuals treat and understand their ailments so that they can live a life that is peaceful and painfree. Here’s what we do:

    • TCM Consultation
    • Acupuncture
    • Cupping
    • Guasha
    • TCM Medication
    • Constitution Rebalancing 调养 Subscription

Website: tcmlivingwaters.com

email: behealed@tcmlivingwaters.com

Contact: +65 8820 7404

Team Jesus - We Do God's Work

We do God’s work according to the bible in everlasting hope for the reconcilation of the lost, expansion of His kingdom and His eventual return. Here’s what we do:

    • Gospel Dropping
    • Prayer Request
    • Ministry Events and Partnerships
    • Life Support
    • Discipleship
    • Bible Study Resource
    • Devotions

This is a project under Rightside People.

Website: theteamjesus.com

Project: levelUP - We Coach People Through Life

We journey life with individuals, helping them achieve a more meaningful and effective life. Here’s what we do:

    • liveUP – Life Coaching
    • ternUP – Career Coaching
    • pairUP – Relationship Coaching

This is a project under Rightside People.

Website: Coming Soon…

So how? What’s your problem.

If I can’t solve it, I’ll give you $10.

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Is Dead Bob Still There?

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Make It Happen. Failure Is Your Only Choice.

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Branding is utter BS. Right?…

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