Give Your Brand The Professional Treatment It Deserves!

Do you have a brand and you want to make sure it looks professional and consistent?

Have you walked past the big brands and wondered when your business can have a big enough marketing budget to look that sleek?

Do you want to hire a fulltime designer but don’t have the budget (at least $3k) or volume to justify the hire?

If You Have Said Yes To Any One Of The Above,
Then You Need To Read On.

Many small business owners have their hands full with operations. I’m sure that’s you as well.

It’s tough isn’t it? I know. I’ve been there. There’s so much to do! From making sure that things are working, to marketing your product, to closing sales, to after-sales support. Wow. The last thing you want to deal with is to make sure that your brand looks nice.

Let’s face it. Good design is something we call in the business world, a hygiene factor. What does that mean? It means that if you don’t have it, you’re in trouble; but if you have it, it doesn’t necessarily add mountains of value to you.

So what?

This is something you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on, at least not at the beginning stages. BUT it is definitely something that you want to spend some money on.

Take a look at this design.

What’s your first impression?

Probably not very good. Same here. Could the product be good? Sure it could!

If you know me, I am an avid deal hunter. That means I go all out, taking risks on dodgy looking brands and try them out. Many times, they are in fact what they look like – dodgy and crappy. But sometimes, they turn out to be really good! But not everyone is like me, and most people go for the brand that looks at least decent and professional.

Here’s the thing, you probably have a good product that can help many people improve their lives.

But what’s the point if no one is going to try?

What’s the point if you give off a dodgy vibe?

How About This?

Much better right? Just some simple tweaks to the design and it can leave your clients feeling so much more at ease (though… I think this brand name doesn’t do great value to the brand… And that’s something we can also help with during the basic consultation!)

Okay. So far, here’s what you’ve learnt about design:

1. Design a hygiene factor – Means you shouldn’t spend too much on it, but can’t do without it either.

2. Good design also helps you remain professional and consistent, which is what is needed for your clients to trust you. 

3. Good design helps your clients feel at ease with buying from you.

Okay, so how can we help?

So Here’s The Deal.

Normally, we charge $800 for a package like this. But we know what it’s like when spending hundreds of dollars just like that. So we’ve decided to give you a 87.5% discount! That means you only have to pay $100 for this!

What? 87.5% off? This is too good to be true. Well. To be entirely honest we’re giving you a mini version of our monthly designer package. No point trying to convince you of something you haven’t experience before right? So not let you try for yourself? (= After that, if you want to subscribe to our monthly designer package, you can decide then, fully convinced of the value we provide.

So, for $100 (U.P. $800)…

1. You Will Get Unlimited consultation with our Branding Experts

That Means…

  • You get a good balance between what you want, and what works best in terms of design.
  • Our Branding Experts will guide you along the way, so you will also learn the basics of design. We’re not afraid to teach you our craft!
  • You will never have to worry about having to do things alone anymore! We’re here to support you!

2. You Will Your Very Own Branding Guideline Document Based On Our Consultation

That Means…

  • Your brand will look professional and consistent.
  • If you decide that you wish to do the designs on your own, you will have guidelines to ensure the consistency of your brand.
  • Need to collaborate and synergise with partners? No worries because you can simply send them this document and it will ensure that your brand remains the way that it should be.

3. You Will Get A Set Of Google Document Templates
(Google Slides, Google Docs)


That Means…

  • We work mainly on the Google infrastructure. Everything is stored in the cloud and you don’t need to worry about accidentally losing files!
  • Need to make any presentations? No worries! We’ve got your back too. Simply use your new personalised Google Slide template to create your very own stunning presentation!

4. You Will Get One Basic Design Of A Electronic Digital Mailer
(1:1 for WhatsApp)


 That Means…

  • The 1:1 aspect ratio is the most compatible ratio across all digital marketing channels – so blast away to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp!
  • Whatever your new promotion is, you will be able to start blasting it out through your marketing channels, getting new leads and more sales!

Imagine This Nightmare…

You’ve got a new product idea. You’ve worked really hard to get all the elements in place – the pricing, the product, the operations, the marketing message and strategy. Everything you could possibly think of. When you finally get everything together, you realise your competitor, who is backed by big investors and have large budgets for great market design, has already surged way ahead of you and claimed the market share that could have been yours.

You hear a prospect say, “Wah. This brand look so chui. I think we go the other brand better.”

But you know deep inside that your product is much better than your competitior!

Why let something like good design stand in your way of your success.

Now Imagine This.

You’ve got a new product idea. You’ve worked really hard to get all the elements in place – the pricing, the product, the operations, the marketing message and strategy. Everything you could possibly think of.

You get everything together way ahead of time because you have a branding guideline document, as well as templates to create your basic marketing collaterals. You move with agility, not something your competitor, who is backed by big investors can do. You now have first mover advantage. 

You hear a prospect say, “Mmm. Not bad, this brand looks quite solid. Maybe we can try.”

You serve them well, and they become a loyal client to you – a client that isn’t ashamed to refer their friends to you because you look professional and consistent. 

Hoh seh boh?

What’s Next?


Step 1: Click on the button below to drop us a WhatsApp.

Step 2: Give us the Promotional Code “Jesus” (Cos we love Jesus lol)

Step 3: Clarify any doubts that you have, and then make payment once you’re ready. (Don’t worry we’re not hard sellers)

Step 4: Schedule your consultation

Step 5: Everything will be created accordingly, and uploaded into the cloud. We will then give you the link so you can access these documents

That’s It?

Well… Kinda. And if you want us to support you in your marketing efforts, then we can talk more about our monthly designer package (our most popular and high-value product). Cheers!