HC Andersen Junior

The Brief

The H.C. Andersen Junior project was a very interesting project for us to undertake. Not only were we doing the branding and design for the new project, we were also greatly involved in the product itself.

This programme allows children to write and publish their very own books. A big part of our job was also to help to illustrait and publish the books that were written during this programme. It was a very fun and exciting project to work on.

Our Work

Scope Of Work:

  • Logo
  • Signage
  • Book publishing

It was a wonderful experience working with wongSEEFUU. He analysed my idea very well and his suggestions materialised what I had in mind. He had a wholistic view of the project very and knew exactly what I needed to market my event effectively. He gave me marketing insights to help me effectively market my event and also provided very good feedback throughout the design process on what would work or would not work to reach out to the public. This saved me a lot of time on pointless experimenting.

On top of that, he is also very observant and sensitive to how people will see things. One example is this – after the whole job was over, he noticed that I had used the poster as my Facebook banner (wasn’t a good fit at all because of the size), he instantly made a Facebook banner version of the poster. It was a great surprise as I didn’t even ask for it. Great customer service! You know for sure that he’s really out there to help you, not there to just do the job and disappear.

Shueh Miin

Dance Events Specialist, Rhythm Ultimatum