Give Your Child The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Over His Peers!

This program is definitely for you if you:


  • WANT TO EXPOSE your child to CURRENT AFFAIRS, developing CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS that will help them be FUTURE READY. Our world-class facilitators will help to BRING TO LIVE current issues, guiding them to THINK ON THEIR OWN FEET.
  • WANT TO DEVELOP your child’s CONFIDENCE and PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS. On top of public speaking skills, we will also cover topics such as PERSUASIVE RHETORIC and SPEECH WRITING.
  • ALLOW YOUR CHILD the chance to become a KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Every child will get a chance to be a YOUTUBE STAR. The best of each batch will even get a chance to speak at our ANNUAL PRESIDENT CONFERENCE. 

Let Me Tell You Why I Created This Program…

I was born a REALLY SHY KID. I would always hide behind my parents when I see a stranger. However, it ALL CHANGED when I was in 11 years old. This might have been one of the more impulsive decisions I have ever made in my life, but I must say that it has definitely been one of the BEST DECISIONS.

When I was in primary school, I was a prefect. So was my best friend; and like every other Korean drama, we had A CRUSH ON THE SAME GIRL, who was also a prefect. During our Primary 5th year, the principal decided to have the school’s INAUGURAL HEAD PREFECT ELECTIONS. All the prefects were called to the hall, and they asked, “Who would like to take part in the elections?”


I looked around. Everyone seemed unsure and anxious at the commitment. Then, suddenly, my best friend stood up, and he walked to the front. Being that CHARISMATIC FELLA that he was, he looked at OUR CRUSH in the eye and whispered, “This is for you.”

The boys laughed, and the girls giggled. It was a pretty known fact that we both had hots for the same girl. Then, everyone looked at me for a response. I BLUSHED AND I PANICKED and my mind went numb. I stood up, looked her in the eye and said, “Erm… For you also.” And I SECURED MY COMMITMENT to rally for the head prefect. 

A few others joined in as well for much more legitimate reasons and election time began.

Months passed and it finally came the time to make our speeches during recess. Even though I had practised my speech a dozen times, I was still NERVOUS AS HELL. What if I make a mistake? What if she thinks I’m a loser? What if no one likes my speech? Questions raced through my mind as I waited for my turn to speak. 

“And our next candidate, from class 5-5, Eugene Wong!”

My mind went blank, and I let the ADRENALINE TAKE OVER. You can do it! I whispered to myself.

Words were spoken, mistakes were made, and an encouraging round of applause was given (Mainly by my CCA mates and classmates). At the end of it, I GAINED SOMETHING INVALUABLE.

I realised that SPEAKING TO A CROWD ISN’T AS SCARY as I thought it would have been. I GAINED THE CONFIDENCE to do it again. My second and third cycle grew better and better. I DEVELOPED A PASSION to continue developing my public speaking skills, which has resulted in me giving TALKS TO MY ENTIRE SCHOOL COHORT when I was in Victoria School and participated in the PRESTIGIOUS PRE-U SEMINAR, where the brightest minds of the JC Cohort of the year gather to discuss current affairs. 

So why did I create this program? Simply put, developing PUBLIC SPEAKING and CRITICAL THINKING skills from a YOUNG AGE is invaluable. It has helped me in more than just academia. It has equipped me with A TIMELESS SKILL that will ALWAYS BE RELEVANT, no matter what the future brings; and this is the skill set that I want to PASS ON TO THE NEXT GENERATION. 

So What Makes This Program So Special?

I’ll be honest with you, that the reason why our program works is pretty much because of our instructors. We realised that AMAZING TEACHERS will produce AMAZING RESULTS. As such, put our instructors through an extremely stringent selection and training process, ensuring that YOUR CHILD GETS THE BEST

When it comes to selecting and training our instructors, there are 2 things that we take extremely seriously – COGNITIVE SAFETY and VALUES EDUCATION. Here’s how it will make a world of difference in your child’s education.


Creating an environment that is SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD to voice his opinions without being worried about being judged is an EXTREMELY UNDERRATED component in education.

The fear of being wrong is one of the top hurdles to a holistic education. As such, we take special care to ensure that your child has the SELF CONFIDENCE he needs to excel.


As the saying goes, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

We seek to instil a SOLID VALUE SYSTEM that will guide the next generation to MAKE GREAT DECISIONS that will BENEFIT THEMSELVES, the PEOPLE around them, as well as the SOCIETY they live in. 

Statistics Has Shown That

According to the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, the skillsets involved in CRITICAL THINKING and PUBLIC SPEAKING are well within the top 10 skills required for 2020. This ensures that your child is WELL PREPARED for what is to come in the future.

Here Is A List Of The Core Modules In Our Program

The core activities of our program will be focused on these skillsets

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Judgement and Decision-making
  4. Cognitive Flexibility
  5. Creativity
  6. Complex Problem Solving

As much of our classes are conducted in group activities, your child will also pick up the following skills:

  1. Coordinating with Others
  2. Negotiation
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. People Management
  • Complex Problem Solving 83%
  • Critical Thinking 100%
  • Creativity 84%
  • People Management 64%
  • Coordinating with Others 78%
  • Emotional Intelligence 68%
  • Judgement and Decision-making 97%
  • Service Orientation 20%
  • Negotiation 69%
  • Cognitive Flexibility 84%

Did I Mention Your Child Being A KEYNOTE SPEAKER?

Many courses and programs simply give you content, and then that’s pretty much it. With President Junior, we put together annual conferences and seminars to give your child the EXPOSURE AND EXPERIENCE that will SET HIM APART from his peers. 

IMAGINE yourself in the audience as YOUR CHILD IS INTRODUCED. He waves at you as he greets the crowd. His speech is about a PARENT’S LOVE for their children, and HE THANKS YOU for the education that you’ve provided for him. He gets a STANDING OVATION and you feel that SENSE OF PRIDE swell up inside you. 

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Our Team…

It’s my pleasure to have worked with and acknowledge the good works of Jason. Whether as a speaker or emcee of events, Jason’s delivery was high energy and very engaging. His contents were insightful and relevant. Great feedback from the participants. Thank you for working together with us and helped made our leaders’ planning conference and events successful. Jenny Teo

Chief Financial Advisory Officer, Manulife (Singapore)

Jason is a dedicated trainer that always gives his best for the participants in the workshops he conducted. He is also very patient and willing to go out of his way so that the participants always have more than what they expected. Katherine Wong

Programme Executive, St.Hilda’s Primary School

Eugene is an amazing instructor! Part of what makes Eugene such a fun instructor to work with is that fact that he has so much “heart” when he works with his students, so much so he often goes the extra mile for his students.

For example, he takes the time to observe and address individual challenges you might be facing, while making the whole process fun, comfortable and engaging. He is also a terrific teacher, who keeps our classes refreshing with strong fundamentals and exciting new content!

Jolene Sim

Director, MOB

My first impression of Eugene is that he is a very friendly, fun and positive person and he brings all of these into his teaching. This makes the class very fun and entertaining. He is also very patient with his students and generous with his knowledge. He genuinely wants to share his passion to everyone he meets. Amy Hoe

Manager, HR Champ Consulting

Here’s ALL You Need To Know About Our Program:

Here’s What You’ll Be In For (Worth over $10,000)

40 x 2 hours of workshop content: ($6334)

Values Education and Character Development

Fun and Engaging Games

Impromptu Speaking Exercises

Current Affairs Discussions

Speechwriting Exercises

Vocal Presentation Skills

Presentation Opportunities


Videos of Your Child’s Presentations ($636)

Professional Feedback and Progress Report ($800)


YES! I Want To Ensure My Child Is FUTURE READY!

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Semester Package

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Full Year Package

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