Give Your Child The Opportunity You Never Had As A Child!

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your child to creative writing secrets that will also help in the PSLE English composition. Our creativity and brainstorming framework will help to boost content marks and ensure a story idea that definitely stands out from the rest!


    your child grow and maintain a creative mind in both Literature and Art. On to of story writing, we will also cover topics such as storyboarding and picture composition.


    your child the chance to become a child author. Each child will finish this program with their very own officially published book. With the support of our facilitators and award-winning illustrators, this goal is no longer one that is far-fetched!

    Let Me Tell You Why I Created This Program…

    When I was in primary school, I used to read a lot of those R L Stine Goosebump books. They were amazing; especially those where you get to choose your own ending. I’m not sure if you remember those. It was so fun to flip the pages, feeling like I was in control of my story and my fate. It actually encouraged me to Read More – and guess what? It actually encouraged me to Write More.

    During my year in Primary 3, I made up my mind that I wanted to write a book of my own. Naturally, I wanted it to be like the Goosebump books that I used to read. I had learnt how to use the Microsoft Word on my back then Windows 95 PC and decided to spend my preciously earned “computer time” on this project of mine.

    It was called “The Mystery Of The Purple Slime” and after weeks of typing out words letter by letter, I finally came up with my very own 20-page choose-your-own-ending story. On hindsight, it was an Extremely Enriching Learning Journey For Me. My mum would help me out with the words I couldn’t spell, and my dad taught me how I could use flowcharts to map out my storyline. When I finally got it printed out, my mum showed me how to bind the pages together and there I had it – not the carelessly constructed stack of papers, but A Sense Of Pride Of My Amazing Creation.

    I quickly made 10 copies of it and brought it to school for my friends the next day. I was planning to sell it for 50 cents each, hopefully earning myself an extra hot dog bun and some pola snacks. Guess what? Not only did I sell out, I had pre-orders for the next book that I was going to write! This was published 1 month later, titled “The Mystery Of The Mummy’s Tomb”.

    So how is this story relevant? It was one of the Highlight Moments Of My Primary School Life, and even now, it’s an awesome story to tell. Now that I’m grown up and have honed my own writing skills to a much more professional level, it’s about time to Bless The New Generation with the experienced that I was blessed enough to experience when I was that age. 

    So What Makes This Program So Special?

    I can safely say that there aren’t many programs like this one, in fact, there might be none at all. Why? Because it takes a really talented team of professionals to pull off a feat like that.

    Here’s the most special part about this – Your child going to be an Official Child Author. On top of learning how to Brainstrom Kickass Story Ideas and developing it into a full-fledged storyline, this program will also cover topics like Storyboarding, Character And Universe Development and even Digital Illustration Composition

    That, coupled with the support from our facilitation team, The Dream Of Publishing A Book wouldn’t be one that’s too far-fetched anymore. After participants finish creating the story and composing the illustrations, our Award-Winning Illustrator will spring into action to help to digitize your child’s artwork in a manner as close as possible to your child’s chosen style of art. 

    We get it ready and send it for a print run, but here’s the bigger deal. We get it registered under the Official ISBN (International Standard Book Number), giving it life and adding it to the international literary community. Naturally and by legal requirement, 2 copies will be given to the National Library for safekeeping in the National Legal Deposit. 

    Statistics Has Shown That

    Did you know that in the USA, as high as 81% of the general population wishes that they could publish a book? However, the sad truth is that 97% of this group of people never make it to the final line. That makes you the TOP 2.43% Of The Entire Population as long as you pull through and finish the entire book.


    Want To Publish Books


    Tried and Gave Up


    You Will be the Top 2.43%

    Imagine What It Would Be Like…

    Many people go into adulthood with a wish to be an author. Imagine have Your Very Own Book To Your Name. Now imagine that for Your Child’s Future.

    Imagine your child Gleaming With Joy as he holds up his very own storybook. Imagine this growing into a passion that Protects His Creativity and Drive For Success. His confidence grows as he can Differentiate Himself From His Peers

    During family gatherings, he would pull out his book and share it with everyone. Imagine how that would make you feel – the Pride And Joy!

    Here’s What Others Are Saying About Our Principal Instructor…

    Eugene is an amazing instructor! Part of what makes Eugene such a fun instructor to work with is that fact that he has so much “heart” when he works with his students, so much so he often goes the extra mile for his students.

    For example, he takes the time to observe and address individual challenges you might be facing, while making the whole process fun, comfortable and engaging. He is also a terrific teacher, who keeps our classes refreshing with strong fundamentals and exciting new content!

    Jolene Sim

    Director, MOB

    My first impression of Eugene is that he is a very friendly, fun and positive person and he brings all of these into his teaching. This makes the class very fun and entertaining. He is also very patient with his students and generous with his knowledge. He genuinely wants to share his passion to everyone he meets. Amy Hoe

    Manager, HR Champ Consulting

    Here’s ALL You Need To Know About Our Program:

    Here’s What You’ll Be In For (Worth over $15,000)

    2o hours of workshop content: (Worth $5656)

    Elements of a Good Story

    Universe Creation

    Character Development

    Brainstorming Techniques

    Basic Drawing Techniques


    Literature Techniques

    Vocal Presentation Skills

    Lunch or Dinner provided (Worth $75)

    Professional illustration support (Worth $3899)

    Storytelling blueprint so your child can continue to write amazing stories (Worth $1247)

    Access to MY WRITING TOOLBOX online course (Worth $2449)

    Print ready manuscript (Worth $369)

    3 professionally published copies (2 will go to NLB) (Worth $360)

    Voice recording for audio version of the book (Worth $400)

    Storyboard and drafts collated in a portfolio (Worth $287)

    Photos of your child writing (Worth $200)

    Their very own author webpage (Worth $550)

    Get All These For Only $1899!!!

    YES! I Want My Child To Publish His Own Book Now!

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