Signifluence is an incredible movement for people who seek to discover what is truly significant in life and work, and to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Being Signifluent means we move forward as a motivated person, investing in significant projects or businesses, and influencing the love of life to others.

Hey! I’m Sandra!

I’m a digital marketing strategist, content marketing expert and business coach.

For more than 25 years, I have worked in various consultancies, government organisations and private businesses. I have witnessed wane and weather in my work and life, and out of a calling to help others, I have started the Signifluence movement and business to specially catered for:

Job Seekers & Job Switchers

New Coaches & Entrepreneurs

My Aim: to beef their online presence and boost their branding for better job opportunities or for more leads, sales and recurring businesses.

But more importantly, to help them align their jobs, brands or businesses with a cause of Signifluence, to ensure they are doing in important things in life and to spread the love of life to others.

I do this through online training courses (coming soon), podcasts and my Signifluence Coaching Programmes.