I’m a digital marketing strategist, content marketing expert and business coach.

Five years ago, I was retrenched and deemed as kinda’ old.

Four years ago, I was asked to resign as I was paid too highly for a small company.

Three years ago, I was retrenched as I was a corporate misfit.

Then two years ago, I decided to be my own boss, and started Esteem Communications.

And after two years, I had the most marvellous experience of my life. As never before, I:

  • travelled round the region for training and coaching
  • served a charity called the Very Special Arts
  • trained more than 500 hoteliers and retailers
  • shook hands with prominent influencers
  • and for some months, I earned double of what I earned in my previous jobs

I have launched Signifluence as a movement and business to help:

  1. Job Seekers and Job Switchers
  2. New Coaches and Business Owners

To help them find that significant jigsaw piece to fulfill their life’s dreams and goals.

To beef their online presence and boost their branding for better job opportunities or for more leads, sales and recurring businesses.

But more importantly, to help them align their jobs, brands or businesses with a cause of Signifluence, to ensure they are